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Case Study

Bungalows Resort Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Key Largo, Florida Keys



In May of 2018, ServiceMaster by Glenn’s was called in for a terribly destructive fire to this high-end all-inclusive resort in Key Largo caused by a cigar.

Job Scope

The former owner of the Cheeca Lodge who had experienced the major fire on New Year’s Eve 2009, experienced the same event at his newly opened resort in Key Largo.  Someone had thrown a cigar into a trash can in the middle of the night which caused this resort to catch fire. 

Because of ServiceMaster’s relationship with the owner and adjuster from the Cheeca Lodge fire, they were called in again to assist again with the remediation, odor removal, demolition, drying, and soda blasting services. Large boom lifts and cranes were set up to assist with disassembling portions of the roof structure. The 6-inch thick concrete subdeck needed to be chiseled out because of extensive water damage from putting out the fire. The insulation that was melted and baked-on to metal surfaces had to be hand scraped and blasted to salvage these materials.

The steel beams, supports and columns were saved, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and time by soda blasting and encapsulating them with a rust inhibitor. Portions of the spa were salvaged due to ServiceMaster’s quick action and drying technologies. The imported limestone, onyx, and marble surfaces and tiles were dried and saved throughout the spa. ServiceMaster by Glenn’s capabilities are unlimited when it comes to major large loss disasters such as this.