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Case Study

Warehouse Fire Calls for Total Restoration


The Problem

In the early morning, a chemical fire broke out at a cabinetmaker’s 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Vero Beach.

The fire destroyed all of the cabinet parts and finished cabinets in storage, as well as much of the building’s structural components. The fire also penetrated the roof and side walls of the building. 

The Solution

  • ServiceMaster response team discovered extreme smoke, char, and water damage throughout the building and removed affected insulation, drywall, wood studs, electrical components, the roof, siding, and some of the purlins (horizontal beams used in roofs).
  • As a part of the required permitting process, a structural engineer was brought in to assess the project as an independent consultant.
  • ServiceMaster hydro-blasted the steel I-beams, purlins, columns, and concrete floors using 33,000 psi of water pressure to remove the heavily embedded soot from these components.
  • ServiceMaster coated steel using Rust-Oleum paint, resealing it to its original condition. The crews administered a fogging treatment to remove any residual smoke smell and neutralize any particles remaining from the fire.
  • Under the direction and supervision of ServiceMaster, a metal building specialist replaced all of the roofing, siding, insulation, gutters, downspouts, rollup doors, and more.