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Case Study

Watercrest Assisted Living


The Problem

On October 25th, 2023, the ServiceMaster by Glenn’s Vero Beach office received an emergency call from a local assisted living facility. While another subcontractor was completing work at the premises, a worker accidentally stepped on a pipe in the ceiling that was connected to the fire sprinkler system. This led to sprinklers being set off, causing water damage to all three floors of the building.

The Solution

As soon as the call was received, our entire team of technicians rushed to the scene of the job to clean up the damage and get it back in habitable condition for the residents living in the facility.

With 17 units affected, as well as hallways and closets, this was a large-scale and time-consuming job, with our team being at the facility through the night to mitigate the damage. 

By the next day, over 300 pieces of equipment were set up throughout the entire building and were left for seven days to ensure each area was completely dry and would not lead to future mold growth.