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Case Study

Indian River Estates H Building Pipe Burst Flooding the Entire Building!

Indian River Estates Water Damage Restoration

The Problem

Indian River Estates building H was flooded.   On August 16th around 6 pm, an on-site manager called ServiceMaster by Glenn's. He said that the main sprinkler pipe in the hallway on the first floor of the H building went off and he said that some of the residents' units were also affected. Within one hour our entire crew and all our trucks were on the seen and ready to begin work.  

When the crews arrived at the water damage they saw water pouring out of the doors! The whole first floor had a couple of inches of standing water & and several sections of the drop ceiling had collapsed.

The Challenges

  • Entire H building flooded
  • 14 individual assistant living residence apartments were affected by water damage
  • Each assisted living apartment had to be evacuated for safety inspections
  • Common rooms and several extra long hallways were flooded with nowhere to drain the water from the large dehumidifiers needed
  • Extra power was needed to run a large grouping of equipment per room and apartments
  • Complete the drying process as quickly as possible to return displaced people back to their apartments.  
  • Creating large drying chambers.

The Solution

Safety for the residence and the crew were reviewed and procedures were put into place. Quick and timely water extraction began throughout the night. The crews worked till the early morning the next day extracting water and placing equipment. All preventative measures to stop any additional damage due to the burst water pipe were completed before the team went home.

The next day, each room was inspected using moisture meters and infrared cameras, then the correct number of fans and dehumidifiers were added to effectively dry out each room and hallway.  

Makeshift plastic dehumidifier bins were created to aid in water removal. Extra power boxes were added to maximize the use of equipment placed and careful to not overload each room or hallway to maximize the power needed for the equipment being used. Several resident rooms were opened to become part of the drying chambers to aid in quick and effective drying. The job was monitored around the clock.

This was ServiceMaster by Glenn's BIGGEST equipment-wise job ever to date!  366 fans & and 47 dehumidifiers!

ServiceMaster by Glenn's was up to the challenge working 18-hour days for 4 straight days to get things under control, dry out the building, and help the residents return to their homes.